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pixelhunt's Journal

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Photographic Scavenger Hunt
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All Members , Moderated
Welcomeing new members! This community is for anyone who enjoys taking pictures. Set up shot, free range,sun struck, full light,dim lighting,

This community however is not a rating community. Just to relax and enjoy the photography for what it is!

If by chance our theme for the week may have questionable content(ie:Nudity) make sure to post under a cut with appropriate labeling.

Let's also try to stay away from anything someone else might consider vulgar, no crotch shots of open zippers,or mangled animals, let's keep it tidy here ok?

You can use a previous photograph that you have taken but not one that has been used here in this community for a previous theme.

If you were running late one morning and there has been a new weeks theme put up please make sure to post your pictures in the comments section of the previous weeks theme.

If your camera isn't all tricked out, you can photoshop *if you want*. Crop, adjust color, black and white ect.
Just no blinkies,animations,a pop up of a zombie or anything that would derive your original photograph.

Tags: Tags should include your user name, and the pre-made tags already available.

Cuts and Size do matter:
If your photo(s) should exceed 600x600 pixels please be courteous and post under a cut.

Feel free to do more than one shot of the same object, but if you do, a cut with appropriate label would be appricated.

Feel free to leave one photo uncut within maximum size guidelines. The rest should be under a cut.

Rating position